A Summers' Celebration… Kim-Maree Summers

Why Choose Me?

All of my ceremonies are very special… Here are some examples of what I offer couples who would like a Personalised Ceremony:

  • Specially written Personalised Ceremony (no two are ever the same)
  • A wide range of helpful information is available to you such as: sample vows & readings, reference material, and a great deal of other helpful information
  • Specially bound ‘Souvenir Copy’ of your ceremony as a Keep Sake
  • Your choice from a large selection of decorative signing pens for photos
  • Signing Table and Chairs
  • Table cloth for the signing table to match the Brides colour scheme
  • Use of a quality battery powered PA, which can also play CD’s for the ceremony
  • Travel to and from the ceremony is included, (unless otherwise stated)
  • Assistance in locating other suppliers of services
  • Advice for the Groom if he would like to find a way to surprise his Bride with something unexpected, or to help with the arrangements
  • Additional Gifts for the Bride!!!
  • Ensuring all legal requirements are met and your marriage is Registered
  • Assistance with obtaining a Registered Copy of your Marriage Certificate

Decorative Signing Pens to Choose from: