A Summers' Celebration… Kim-Maree Summers

Dani & Dan – Just Married {Mick Schamburg Park, Miami – Kim-Maree Summers Celebrant}

On such a miserable, wet and stormy day; Such a beautiful wedding!

The brides dream of a beach wedding came true, even if it wasn’t exactly what everyone had hoped for.  Everyone got out the umbrellas, put on a big smile, and off we went to the beach.  Of course the rain was bad enough, but just as we were about to sign the Marriage Certificates a big storm hit.

So as everyone scattered to shelter (many of them to the Miami Hotel over the road!), we managed to get all the important papers signed in the back of my 4WD with a little shelter provided by the tailgate and dozens of umbrellas covering the wedding party.

It just goes to prove that no matter what the weather, the venue, or the time of day, as long as we’re celebrating Love, it will be a beautiful day xxx